Windowsills are an important part of every room and cannot be missing at any one of your windows. Apart from their usefulness on the inside of the room, they are a notable part of the façade. The advantage of our windowsills is the fact that every one of them is made exactly according to the individual requirements of our customer. The variety of sizes, materials of various thicknesses and profile types are truly infinite.

Design of Interior windowsills can be exclusively a matter of aesthetic criterions. Their elegance is unparalleled and they are extremely easy to maintain, a damp piece of cloth being all that is required. There is no danger of bleaching or pot stains. 

Exterior windowsills are exposed to the wind. It is therefore suitable to let your project designer know of your desire to obtain an exterior windowsill from us, and they will make the necessary arrangements as regards the base of the window and its thermal and liquid insulation. Everything else is our responsibility.

Stone cover plates are any sort of cover plate on walls, staircases, attics, terraces, summerhouses or fences. For example, the outside boundary of a swimming pool can be elegantly made of stone.