Facing & Paving

Natural stone

Use of natural stone in the building trades is unparalleled and will remain so. A typical example of its use, both interior and exterior, is stone facing and format paving. Materials like granite, quartzite, marble, limestone, travertine and sandstone offer an infinite variety of colour, pattern, texture and veining. While designing any work of stone it is necessary to consider the physical properties of the material, in particular its strength, porosity and water absorption. Depending on the type of stone as well as its use, the stone finish chosen is either polished, matt or patina. For a more comfortable maintenance a suitable type of stone sealing is often applied.

Product Typical formats (mm)
300x300 600x300 400x400 600x400 Stripes 300 Stripes 400
PAVING 20 mm
PAVING 15 mm
FACING 10 mm *305 x 305 *610 x 305
Product Large formats (mm)
500x500 600x600 610x610 600x1200 700x700 » 800 x800 810x810 » 1000 x1000
PAVING 20 mm - -
FACING 10 mm
FACING/PAVING 20 mm *Individual formats (optimized depending on the size of the stone plate)


We recommend this material for interior applications only because it contains epoxy resins which permanently change colour under extended exposure to ultraviolet light, resulting in a colour irregularity. We offer both polished and matt finishes of this stone.

FACING/ PAVING Formats (mm)
300x300 600x300 400x400 600x400 600x600 Individual formats
12 mm
20 mm


Extremely durable and colour stable, this ceramic composite is suitable for both interior and exterior use. The stone finishes we provide are polished, matt and textured.

Facing/ Paving Formats (mm)
700x700 700x1400 1400x1400 780x1400 1040x700 1040x1040 1570x700 1570x1400
8 mm
12 mm
20 mm