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"The power of stone"

NATURAL STONE FACING for your fireplace, into your bathroom or living room is always a good choice. With all due respect to tiles, they are a competitors belonging to a different weight category. And yet the affordability of many natural materials surprises many!

NATURAL STONE FLOORING belongs not only to banks, hotels, museums and cathedrals. You can rejoice of its beauty every day in your hallway, in your kitchen, bathroom, terrace or around your swimming pool.

Everyone who knows the ancient feeling of watching the fire, seeing the endless sea or Tatras peaks, can convince himself that it works the same with our stone. We assure you that our NATURAL STONE FACING and our NATURAL STONE FLOORING are just as impressive. 

All we are trying to say is, GRANDTSONE „The power of stone“.

Silestone - Dekton

In our team at GRANDSTONE we all share the same blood type K Rh ++, in other words, we are people fascinated by stone shaping.

After more than 20 years in the business it still brings us true excitement to see another of our beautiful WORKTOPS produced. And we have made more than 1500! All were created out of natural granite or out of an excellent SILESTONE® quartz. In recent years the indestructible DEKTON® ultra-compact surface has also been used for our WORKTOPS. They are simply our joy.

MARBLE has been synonymous with timeless beauty and elegance since antiquity. We can get hold of it, process it correctly in our workshop, deliver it to you and place it in the most suitable  spot of your home. And not only MARBLE, but also travertine, limestone, sandstone or onyx. SILESTONE® is suitable where there is emphasis on a single or white colour, which is rarely the case in nature.

We can advise you on (and produce) stone types to put on your house, in front of your house or in your yard; stones which do not mind getting frozen in winter, getting sunbaked in summer and rained on in autumn. Our natural granites brought from all over the world, as well as the durable DEKTON®, are a suitable choice.