About us


Our business began in May 1997 when we started to work with fireplaces, whose veneers were made of natural marble, granite as well as sandstone massif. The stone veneers were acquired externally and this proved to be inefficient; we therefore decided to work from first principles and successfully delved into the trade of stonemasonry in the year 2000.

This includes acquisition as well as complete processing of plates of stone together with a professional assemblage and mounting of our products. Last but not least, our experience over the years has provided us with the ability to advise extensively on suitable design. Our computer controlled modern technology by means of which the stone plates are cut and processed, is acquired from world-renowned producers, and it allows us to suit the individuality required of our customers. Our natural stone comes from all over the world and we offer both interior and exterior products. In addition to natural stone we process SILESTONE® technical stones as well as DEKTON® ceramic composites. We mainly cooperate with kitchen, fireplace and interior design studios, as well as construction companies and individual restorers and sculptors. We have successfully executed extensive projects of stonemasonry.

Our principles:

  • ORIGINALITY - original and individual products
  • QUALITY - first-class materials and a cutting-edge technology
  • PROFESSIONALITY - pedantic stonemasons with a feeling for detail
  • ASSORTMENT - a wide range of materials and surface finishes
  • FLEXIBILITY - an active communication and flexible
  • ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY - recycling of by-products and reuse of water

Typical products of our efforts are the following:

  • facing and paving of both typically and atypically sized stone, plinths
  • windowsills, cover plates and desks
  • kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops and corner showers
  • massifs staircase, stair veneer
  • façade stone cladding and socle
  • fireplace veneer, artistic fireplace veneer
  • pots, conference table and other interior items
  • artistic pieces, awards, remembrance plaques and memorials
  • pedestals of sculptures and statues, base stones
  • decorative pieces of historical objects - fountains, fencing, city accessories

These products come into existence by processing our stone which is acquired for this purpose.

GRANDSTONE is a family business with passionate owners who are devoted to their original ideas, and employers who love their job. To see another of our customers satisfied provides us with a feeling of genuine happiness. This kind of business philosophy is not commonplace. That’s why Grandstone!