Sculptures, works of art

Sculptures, monuments, works of art, fountains and so on, are part of our work. Of course there is always an author or an architect who designs the piece. We esteem cooperation with academic sculptors, restorers, blacksmith artists and other artists. We often have the privilege to lend a helping hand and prepare a pedestal or other stone parts of their work for them.

Our typical products of an artistic character are:

  • face work of fireplaces and artistic fireplaces
  • pots, conference tables and other interior design objects
  • awards, monuments, memorials and remembrance plaques
  • pedestals of sculptures, stone bases
  • historical, decorative pieces of antiquities
  • fountains, fences

We have helped to build the memorial „Victims of the iron curtain“ near the bicycle bridge in Devínska Nová Ves, the statue of diva Lucia Popp in the opera house of Vienna, and the base stone of the stadium of Anton Malatinský in Trnava.


Gravestone production is not typical for us; we do not make template gravestones produced by companies specializing in this sort of work. Since gravestones are not one of our key products, we undertake to build one in one of the following cases only:

  • it is an original artistic type with an individual design
  • we have the required technical and production capacity
  • the customer accepts longer time of production due to import of stone massif
Every case is unique and we are ready to deal with special requirements. If you consider obtaining this sort of gravestone, do not hesitate to get in touch at, or call +421 903 480 167, since it requires special consultation.