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About us

Our company originated in 1997, primary oriented on building fireplaces. We continued in this effort and continuously shifted to set facings and build massive sandstone fireplaces. At that point there was just a step to the classic stone-processing activity which we have been practicing for almost 20 years.

This covers complete workshop manufacturing of stone materials and of course an expert installation and assembly. Our latest technology is based on cutting and processing stone using diamond tools which allows us to quickly and accurately react to individual needs of our customers. We are able to offer professional solutions to both interior and exterior with the use of a broad scale of materials coming from all over the world. We handle several more complex projects in family houses and mansions with the same quality as well.

Our five basic principles are:

  • ORIGINALITY – our pieces are unique and carefully assembled in their environment,
  • PROFESIONALITY – our workers are craftsmen with a great sense of detail,
  • QUALITY – we use only well proven high-end materials,
  • SELECTION – we have a broad range of materials and surface designs,
  • ADAPTABILITY – our due dates are always maximally flexible.

GRANDSTONE uses various kinds of natural stone. Its alternatives of use have no boundaries reaching deep into history. Thanks to its unrepeatable properties, it is pre-determined for a versatile implementation in both the interior and exterior architecture.

Natural stone is a synonym for durability and beauty, offering never ending options of colors and structures. It is a classical material, however still modern and contemporary, and it will certainly enrich every area of placement. Thanks to several works of GRANDSTONE, we managed to underline the beauty of a natural stone, elegance and gentility of places which it completes.